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my new game

2010-05-12 21:14:29 by vegetable-insanity

ok i made some small changes with the suggestions people made. Thanks to everyone who reviewed and commented.

-What's new:
--mute button
--special attack
--health recovery

game should be easier now, hope it isn't too easier, let me know what you think

I submited this new game i've made "Spirit of the Sea" you can go check it out here
It got a nice score and reviews. Thanks to everyone who's made constructive reviews and comments. I got to say that after reading the reviews i got really inspired so i'll get to work on an updated version of the game with some of the suggestions people made. I don't have much time these days but i think i can have it ready in two weeks from now. Here's a list on the things i plan to add/ change:
_health bonus before the boss
_mute button
_a little introduction and a better ending screen for the game to have at least a vague storyline
_you won't be able to bounce by holding the jump key
_controls information on the menu screen
_i'll try to make it so you can change the sound settings from the pause menu with the arrows instead of the mouse
_special attacks (ranged, you probably spit fire or something like that) that recharges when you hit people, i mean fishes any other opinion would help